Ariela is a force of nature bringing energy to the room with a smile. She is a compassionate instructor who really wants you to ‘get’ the material - and she will provide many different approaches to make sure you understand.
— Maya Pandya, IBM Software Development Manager
Ariela is one of those memorable teachers whose powerful balance of spontaneous humor and knowledge-driven focus makes for a hugely enjoyable and highly personal learning experience. Her voice and body awareness workshop is an eye-opening plethora of new perspectives, tools and exercises in physical and vocal exploration.

Ariela’s flexible, customized approach annihilates any comparison minds at work and empowers her students to work at their own rhythm and just barely outside of their comfort zones, enabling the necessary stretch where learning happens, and all with consistently kind encouragement and committed coaching.

Her ability to draw out the best in an individual, and from a disparate group with wildly varying levels of talent, confidence, and experience, is nothing short of masterful, her dedication to her craft truly inspirational.
— Siobhan McCann, Executive Coach, Consultant, & Asst. Lecturer at Haas School of Business
While I found Ariela’s exercises and material in the Dynamic Presence workshop to be fun and interesting, I had no idea how well the concepts would “stick to me” in the following weeks — or where the lessons would manifest themselves. I have also had the opportunity to play with how I say words, using Laban’s model and have begun to experience the fun of Voice, once gain.
— Ben Bradbury, Finance Manager at E. & J. Gallo Winery